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North Georgia Podiatric Medicine And Surgery, P.C.
A Positive Approach To Treatment Of The Foot And Leg

Office Building We welcome you as a patient and appreciate the opportunity to get you "back on your feet".
Your feet are composed of 56 bones, 66 joints, 62 tendons, 76 muscles, 112 ligaments and numerous nerves and blood vessels, functioning as a finely tuned and coordinated orchestra. They provide balance, mobility, adaptability, support and shock absorption. We depend on our feet and legs to carry us an average of 100,000 miles in a lifetime. We can expect, during the lifetime of service from infancy through adulthood, that ailments or injury to our feet and legs will occur. Ailments or injuries of the foot and leg are among the most common medical problems today. They can be caused by industrial, sports and other accidents; by normal "wear and tear"; and by ill fitted shoes. Some problems are hereditary, and others are a consequence or aging.
Dr. Sidlow and his staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care for all of our patients, young and old. The information that follows is designed to answer many of your questions. We want you to know about our policies and methods of practice; because, the more you know, the more we can be of service. Everyone in this practice operates as a team member. All have been trained as professionals and take pride in their professional capability.
Cartersville Professional Building #2
958A Joe Frank Harris Parkway, Suite 106
Cartersville, Georgia 30120
Phone: (770) 386-1389
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